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Posted By Admin on 04/16/19

Is there anything hotter than seeing a hot Asian babe who is obsessed with cock? Some of these girls see a dick dangling in their face and they just can’t help but to pounce on it. And you can always tell when a girl is really going ga ga for some cock because they can’t even wait to get fucked, they dive in mouth first and suck that cock like it’s a lollypop filled with crack!

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Posted By Admin on 04/01/19

When I am out doing dull, everyday things, spotting someone doing something they shouldn’t be, is an exciting turn of events. Watching loss prevention catching a shoplifter, seeing kids sneak around a building to smoke weed, trying to decide of the girl walking by the motel is a prostitute, etc. all add a little more stimulus to my day. Some things are more enjoyable than others of course. I love catching a glimpse up a girl’s skirt, spotting a nipple when a chick in a low cut top leans forward is also fun, and a guy trying to cop a feel on his girl thinking no one will see is also great. Once, I even caught some people fucking in their car in a parking lot. That one was awesome.

Now imagine you are out and about doing mundane things when you see a cute Asian teen squatting down to take a piss. You see that hairy pussy of hers and watch the stream gush out. Or imagine being out walking your dog and finding an Asian babe sucking cock in a secluded spot. Maybe you are at a restaurant when you hear a soft buzzing sound coming from nearby and you notice a girl smiling and squirming, then realize she has a sex toy in her panties getting her off. Sex Japan TV has an entire category dedicated to public videos, as well as another specifically for outdoors.

This Sex Japan TV discount is 67% off.

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